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Financial Services

The Financial Services industry encompasses a diverse range of companies that provide a wide range of financial services, including banking, investment, and insurance, to consumers and businesses.

  • Help Seguros

    Help Seguros is a 100% digital company that seeks to simplify insurance and relies on transactional video calling to serve its customers.

  • DataFast

    Empresa líder de Pagos Electrónicos del Ecuador potencia la seguridad y operativa sus asistencia con videollamadas transaccional.

  • Generali


    Call steering with natural language phone automation taking your customer service to the next level.

  • TDBM

    Leading bank located in Mongolia improves customer experience by delivering a more personalized video services.

  • Grupo Sura

    Insurances services delivered with video assistance on interactive kiosks all over the country, and attended by online video agents.

  • Banco del Pacífico

    Banco del Pacífico empowers its customers to contact the bank from anywhere with internet access through convergent voice communications for international online banking

  • BanBif

    BanBif provides personalized and human customer service through video call assistance in its branches, using interactive kiosks.

  • Allianz

    Allianz is a leading market insurrance expanding most advanced natural language phone calling support to all clients.

  • Banmédica

    Banmédica provides advanced video calling services to their customer support services for a thrully digital interaction.

  • BCI

    BCI offers personalized customer service for clients with hearing impairments through an expert executive fluent in sign language.

  • Banco de Sabadell

    Financial institution improves efficiency and service across phone automation services improving call handling and streamline customer care operations.

  • Mapfre

    Mapfre provides clients with legal advice and representation through an innovative system that combines voice and video support, with direct access to a highly-qualified attorney.

  • Caja Los Heroes

    The leading chilean LosHeroes credit union also leverages Interactive Powers’ video platform to improve customer care and online collaboration.

  • AFP Capital

    Top chilean financial AFP Capital is using modern video communications to deliver better services to their clients than ever before.

  • Multiasistencia

    The AI engine provided Multiasistencia team just what they needed to orchestrate conversational bots, using Artificial Inteligence, for a member-facing virtual assistant affectionately.

Public Sector

The Public Sector is a critical industry that encompasses government-run organizations and agencies that provide vital public services such as healthcare, education, and transportation to the citizens.

  • Alzira City Hall

    The City Council of Alzira maximizes automated customer service in its telephone assistance for citizens.

  • Las Condes City Hall

    The City Council of Las Condes provides a Trusted "Human" Touch to real-time video services to protect citizens.


    AEELA develops advanced automated services to provide real-time information at phone.

  • Chile Atiende

    Chile Atiende provide governement digital services to create and scale better experiences for citizens.

  • ISL

    The Instituto de Seguridad Laboral is the public entity in charge of administering the Social Security against Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases. ISL truth in video virtual assistance and support to empower its services.

  • Aena

    AENA improves the customer experience about airports and its call center operations across all real time channels.

  • Cascai City Hall

    The City Council of Cascais offers enhanced digital service with call center agents to ensure better connectivity and benefits for its citizens.

  • Ministerio de Trabajo de Arabia Saudí

    El Ministerio de Trabajo de Arabia Saudí proporciona asistencia de videollamada a las personas sordas que necesitan acceder a los servicios de la administración pública.

  • Junta Castilla La Mancha

    JCCM offers enhanced remote digital service with video agents to ensure better connectivity and benefits for its citizens.

  • Gobierno de Argentina

    The Government of the Republic of Argentina promotes the use of video technology to support women and deaf people.


    The National Training and Employment Service is a technical agency of the State of Chile. SENCE provides latest virtual assistance with video communications.

  • Coop Policía Nacional

    CPN runs video services to enable a frictionless less member experience by supporting their engagement strategy for loan application completions and credit services.

  • SII

    The Internal Taxes Service of the government of Chile has implemented video call assistance to enhance the efficiency and convenience of its online processes for customers.

BPO & Services

The BPO & Services industry is a rapidly growing sector that includes companies that offer a variety of business process outsourcing services, such as call center services and other outsourced services, to businesses and organizations.

  • OTIS Zardoya

    OTIS innovation push video calling inside its most advanced elevators with a 24x7 video calling assistance.

  • CDF

    CDF enhance your agility, efficiency, & scalability to support customers. Our solutions deliver superior retail experiences for your customers & make support easy and personalized.

  • Abante BPO

    Abante BPO reimagine the possibilities of contact center processes, taking your customer service to the next level.

  • Konexo

    Konexo trust on video communication to deliver most advanced BPO services to its customers.

  • Apex America

    Apex America trust on video communications to deliver most advanced BPO services for telecom support.

  • Ctoc

    The integration of video call technology by Interactive Powers resulted in shorter service interactions and an enhancement in customer satisfaction for BPO's agents.

  • ADD Informática

    ADD Informática es un proveedor líder de tecnología que utiliza grabación voip avanzada para sus comunicaciones empresariales.

  • Travelguau

    Servicios de video asistencia y apoyo a las familias que viajan con su mascota en todo el territorio nacional o internacional.


The Healthcare industry is a vital sector that encompasses a wide range of companies and organizations that provide essential medical and health-related products and services, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.

  • AlfaClinic

    Interactive Powers helps AlfaClinic software solutions for clinics, to deliver seamless video communications for doctors and patients.

  • SNS24

    SNS24 of the Portuguese Ministry of Health offers video assistance to deaf people in need of information or health care.

  • Vidatres

    Videatres insurance company provides video call assistance services to its customers for better efficiency and customer service.


    ISCII develops health systems for telemedicine from mobile devices or web interfaces with the support of Interactive Powers.

  • Chemo

    Chemo develops startups video consultations services to help online healthcare processes.

Telecom & Utilities

The Telecom & Utilities industry is a vital sector that encompasses companies that provide essential services such as communication services like telephone and internet, and utility services like electricity, water, and gas to the public.

  • Aguas de Guipúzcoa

    Aguas de Guipuzcoa is a basque utilies water company that provide services information through local video call center kiosks.

  • Norvoz

    State-of-the-art IP operator with voice-as-a-service platforms.

  • Masmóvil

    Masmovil is a leading spanish operator that provide new advanced digital services with video calls for industries.

  • Entel

    Integration of massive call centers with video calling technology for the provision of more advanced digital services.

  • Oui Móvil

    Kiosks to support the sale of telecom and mobile phone services in different locations or fairs...