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MIAMI, August 22, 2021Interactive Powers and Centribal work together in complementary solutions since more than 2 years. That’s why we’re really excited to increase Centribal and Interactive Powers collaboration to offer the most complete Omnichannel Expericence that powers limitless, continuous CX conversations that cross boundaries while raising the bar on real-time visibility and control.

Centribal’s chatbots integrate with Interactive Powers to provide a better customer experience and empower your agents. This means consistent, effective, personalized engagements across all channels like Bots, Social Media, Phone, Video Call, Web Chat, Email, Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram… Meet your customers where they are. If you make it easy for them, they’re always going to remember your customer support service.



Video RTC platforms easily integrates with Centribal Chatbot, to extend and provide improved blended real-time communications to each interaction. With the ability to deliver advanced workflows and business rules, it can create a multitude of specialized and convergent video enabled services. Plus, both platforms are compatible with any modern web browser or mobile device too.

There are a multitude of reasons why you should consider upgrading your chatbot channel and incorporate a real time video call enabling  your company to meet all expectations of today’s digitally minded consumers, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting engagement. With all these technologies or software integration implemented in your organization, you can see, show, and share anything with digitally connected customers.


Chatbot RTC ACD Contact Center Diagram


Here are the top 4 benefits:

1- Best mix of chatbot automation with video agents.

With the chatbot you can provide 24/7 support while still offering a human touch. Customers more easily understand and compare the information when agents both show and tell, leading to informed decision making, frictionless experiences, and speedier conversions.

2- Fast, accurate, and personalized customer service.

With the chatbot automatically handling the most common customer first questions, agents can focus on quickly solving the more complex issues. This  will alleviate the strain on your agents and allow them to add visual, interactive content to enrich conversations and focus on only the most value-added inquiries.

3- Happier customers with more engaged agents.

Allow you to provide efficient, scalable customer service while creating better experiences for your users.  Centribal Chatbot’s seamless integration with Video RTC allows video agents to quickly identify the problem and face to face guide them to a solution without exiting the chatbot interface.

4- Omnichannel and convergent as you have ever dreamed.

Users can select what ever channel they to contact you, Chatbot, WhatsApp, Website, Phone, Video Call… all these interactions will be directed by the same contact center approach. How ever your channel attention is, your customers will feel a chatbot and human team is always connected to provide the best support in real time.

About Centribal

Centribal is a technology consultants with more than 10 years of experience. We simplify the process of digital transformation for companies. We offer personalized technological solutions, that optimize management models, automate processes, and improve customer experience. Centribal provides Centribot and have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bogota, Miami and Santiago de Chile.

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About Interactive Powers

Interactive Powers provides Voice and Video Technologies for Cloud-based services and On Premises. Its Video RTC platforms provide easy-to-use, Omnichannel, real-time communications, browser-driving interfaces, live chat, web collaboration, video calling, mobile app integration. Interactive Powers solutions are deployed by more than 30 partners and has offices in Spain and United States also for South America.

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