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Web collaboration is just a click away at phone

Switch to web collaboration during any call or video call to dramatically improve your customer experience and support.

  • Empowering call center agents

    Phone is not enough to assit callers, connect a live chat, dual screen sharing or video will change your support for ever.

  • Fastest web collaboration

    Don't hangup your call, stay always connected with established voice call and extend your agent capabilities in just a click.

  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps

    Ready to run without issues, from any mobile devices, any modern browser and any computer operating system as well.

Collaborate in phone calls

Remote Viewer is a powerful complementary solution for any call center or phone, chat conversation. It enables to provide web collaboration features keeping your voice or data channel connected.

  • Web audio / video streams activation or not
  • Share shorten URL / PIN access
  • Easy & quick integration

Key interactive features

Remote Viewer includes powerful features to improve any call with chat to share text messages, files or screen. All these features are dual to be simultaneously used by agents or users.

  • Live Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Dual Screen Sharing

Web sharing made easy

Remote Viewer is designed to detect user's presence, protect your data with a complete SSL peer-to-peer encryption. Phone services are aware to require a no intrusive web communication tool but highly efficient.

  • User's presence automatic detection
  • No recording / privacy
  • Ready for phone calls, web calls, chat...

Specific features

Remote Viewer is a special extension for any Call Center (ACD) with secure connectivity and privacy. It has been designed to work as an addon inside Agent CC desktop as well.

  • Call center Integration
  • Web responsive for any mobile or web browser
  • 256bit AES peer-to-peer encryption

Customization & addons

  • Logo & Ads

    Customize your service with your own logos, URL, domain and much more. Convert your product in your own communication process.

  • Audio on / off

    Set Audio or not according to your usage. If your use phone calls mute audio by default to speak on the phone without any interruption.

  • Video on / off

    Set video face-to-face or use only web collaboration features. Select the configuration that better match with your own business process.

  • Shorten URL & PIN access

    Send shorten links or a PIN to your users to provide the fastest cnd easiest connection. Remember, at phone a PIN is better, on digital devices copy/paste is better.

  • Phone calling

    Keep your phone channel connected during all interactions. Avoiding a channel change is a game changer in many business processes.

Streamline your business communications