Financial Services

Financial Services

Industry-specific solutions
  • Banco del Pacífico
  • Banmédica
  • BCI
  • Caja LosHeroes

Provide amazing and secure communications for financial businesses

Consumers want simple, direct, secure banking experiences. When things get complicated, connecting fast to the right experts should be your priority.

  • Banking


    Transform into agile banking by working from anywhere, from any device, any time.

  • FinTech


    From frictionless authentication to real-time support, create new engaging experiences.

  • Insurance


    Connect and collaborate anywhere on any device, and quickly respond to clients.

  • 90%+

    Online Video Banking
CTAS with Video Inbound

  • 85%+

    First Call Resolution (FCR)
with video calling enabled

  • 50%+

    Number of successful interations incresed by

  • Financial Services - Empowered online support

    Empowered online support

    Whether it’s in banking, lending, investment, or insurance, customers expect their financial services experiences to be fast, easy, and secure. Transform the way your financial services connect online with customers.

  • Financial Services - Video Identification integrated

    Video Identification integrated

    Frictionless Authentivation is a key process for any Financial Service to ensure fraud protection, transaction security and openning of new services. Video Call with automatic face capture will reach new frontiers.

  • Financial Services - Video Call Onboarding

    Video Call Onboarding

    Open a new account or service without a presential verification. Video Call Onboarding is becoming a key strategic tool for any Financial Service with powerful online channel.

  • Financial Services - Customer-centric experience

    Customer-centric experience

    Elevate your customer engagement with a video centric experience. A convergent and omnichannel approach empowers faster, better connections with customers. Upgrade to stay ahead in the digital age.

  • Financial Services - Unlock your workforce

    Unlock your workforce

    Connect face-to-face your service anywhere with your customers. Use your workforce better than ever, scheduling or real-time distributing video calls from any mobile device, ATM or Kiosk.

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