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Video engagement pushed to the limits

Lead voice & video communications in your industry and push your business to become a game changer of the Digital Economy.

  • Gobierno de Chile
  • Vidatres
  • SII Servicio de Impuestos Internos de Chile
  • LasCondes

Mobile devices ready

Today digital consumers are requiring advanced video communication not just prepared video meetings. Think better and different, enable mobility from user to agents as well.

  • Mobile iOS & Android
  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps
  • Web responsive user interface

Channels interoperability

Video and video channels have to work together a single one channel, enabling to connect from one to another anytime. Consider all your communications have to be human first.

  • Human-centric communications
  • Video call interoperability
  • Hybrid dialpad

Video-centric desktop

Another Game Changer for your business is to think your communications with a Video Centric approach. Agents that work with this kind of system are much more productive, efficient and work better.

  • Presence status & dashboard
  • Background effects
  • Agent pauses management

Phone convergence

Phone is anymore the only real-time communication channel, that's not means you have to forget all advantages of calling transactions. Still improving your business with digital voice & video convergence with telephony.

  • Call forwarding & transfer
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Encrypted communications

Choose your configuration....

Witch plan is right for your business? We have good news, we offer the video agent desktop you were dreaming.

Web ACD Platform

Web responsive business phone with an integrated automatic call distributor to create video-centric experiences on convergent contact centers for the Digital Age.

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System integrations

  • SIP / RTC trunking

    Connect your own operator and SIP / RTC trunks to enable voice & video call traffic. Keep open interoperatibilty from the beginning.

  • Backend integration

    Connect your Backend systems as well with real-time communications in order to improve your business processes and customers.

  • Customization

    Customize your desktop with your own logos, URL, domain and much more. Convert your agent desktop in your own communication process.

  • Applications & addons

    Add extended features with our special applications & addons. Any production agent requires specific online services and integrations.

  • Cloud ready

    Consider unlimited storage elasticity and capacity in Cloud. Ensure your business and processes will growth without any IT limitations.

  • Web responsive

    Trust on Web Responsive design for all your users / agents interfaces to improve operational costs: No Apps, No Plugins, No Downloads...

Streamline your business communications