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Make voice calls from any web browser

Enable web communications over Internet to extend your website and improve voice channels connectivity for your phone services.

  • Web & phone convergence

    Phone numbering is not the only way to get phone calls traffic. Web is the king today, connect your phone services to web calling.

  • Phone numbering replacement

    Keep away from PSTN numbers costs for you and callers. Transform your caller experience in a better quality and cost effectiveness.

  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps

    Ready to run without issues, from anywhere, any tablet devices, any modern browser and any computer operating system as well.

Calling from a website

Web Caller is the perfect integration for your website that require to connect phone services from an PBX, IVR, ACD using SIP Trunking and PSTN Forwarding. Add web buttons to enable phone calls to your Internet users.

  • SIP trunking
  • PSTN Call Forwarding
  • Touch tones DTMF enabled

Seamless web integration

Web Caller is a browser powered cloud service fully web responsive for any kind of modern device like iOS, Android or desktop computers as well. There's no plugin, no library or app required.

  • No plugins or apps
  • No personal phone number required
  • No downloads

Best calling experience

Web Caller provides a better communication voice service than PSTN itself, thanks to advanced VoIP audio codecs. An important feature of this solution is DTMF touch tones capabilities to run over any existing phone system.

  • Widget customization with logo & Ads
  • Better audio quality than PSTN phone calls
  • Click-to-Call web buttons

Secure communications

Web Caller is ready to connect with all security conditions using SSL, WebRTC, and TLS protocols over IP. All features deployed can be customized to according to your best web calling experience.

  • TLS protocol activation
  • URL customization and token
  • 256bit AES peer-to-peer encryption

Customization & addons

  • Logo & Ads

    Customize your service with your own logos, URL, domain and much more. Convert your product in your own communication process.

  • URL customization

    Set your Internet domain into your service to ensure a complete integration and higher levels of confidence for all your internal or external users.

  • Web buttons

    Connect your website with floating web buttons ready to use. Web Caller is delivered with connection elements you can customize yourself.

  • No code required

    No coding; no programmers are required to connect Web Caller in your website. We provide you all tools and buttons to start up your integration.

  • Remote Viewer integration

    Include Remote Viewer as add-on inside your Web Caller account to empower communications with its specific smart features and advantages.

  • iOS & Android ready

    Web Caller is 100% web responsive and ready for modern mobile devices from Apple iOS or Android OS of any size displays, phones or tablets.

Streamline your business communications