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Enhance the subscriber behavior with plans and services of a digital journey.

Enabling to provide amazing support and the best customer care to thousand of consumers with a personalized experience.

  • Telecom

    Sell and Support closer your customer using your real-time communications powers.

  • Utilities

    Attend better and faster, all customer interaction. Get better information at all.

  • 80%

    First Time Resolution in video remote support service

  • 18,7%

    Increase Customer Satisfaction compare to phone service

  • 40%

    Decreased Time for
technical support video calls

  • Telecom & Utilities - Exceptional omnichannel customer service

    Exceptional omnichannel customer service

    Telecom services without an exceptional attention in the digital age is a non sense. Massive services have to handle properly all channels and video is one of the most powerful one for a customer service.

  • Telecom & Utilities - Fueling digital transformation

    Fueling digital transformation

    Changing the economy starts first with a good communication transformation with all users from anywhere they are, at home, work or any kind of web browser or mobile device as well.

  • Telecom & Utilities - Customer assistance reinvented

    Customer assistance reinvented

    Helping your customers without video communications or collaborative tools that connect in real-time is not an option today. Change your Customer Assistance for ever, using voice, video & data for smarter interactions.

  • Telecom & Utilities - Technician workforce empowered

    Technician workforce empowered

    Field Service teams are key for any support or service delivery both in Telecom & Utilities companies. Connect with them better and provide new processes that enable video communication is a game changer.

  • Telecom & Utilities - Customer free channel selection

    Customer free channel selection

    Telecom and Utilities are critical services for any customer life, never forget it. It's not just a question of providing a phone number but a better freedom to connect from anywhere with any channel in real-time.

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