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Video-centric & convergent web phone

Easiest and fasted platform to connect agent endpoints with a face-to-face communication experience.

  • Web responsive & touch ready

    Latest web technology that works on any desktop or mobile device, including iOS & Android tablets or smartphones.

  • Scalable & reliant anywhere

    Designed for office and remote work, we understand agents are mostly on the move from now.

  • Voice & video convergent

    Phone convergent with a video centric interface that enables the best agent-user experience.

  • 1.2

    Latest release available

  • 256-bit

    AES security SSL certified

  • SD / HD

    High video quality definition

  • AWS

    CPaaS hosted & managed

  • Video Centric & Phone Convergent

    Video centric phone

    Like voice, video is a top priority channel that requires a specific space in your desktop agent. We understand ergonomic design for your video calls as to be first for video agents performance.

  • Web & Mobile Agent Desktop

    Web & mobile desktop

    Web ACD is the first mobile ready CC software for hybrid voice and video agents. It supports any kind of devices including iOS & Android and is natively running with touchable user interface for ever.

  • Video Call Geolocation

    Video call geolocation

    Video and Voice over IP communications enable advanced geolocation from the originate web browser or celular. Web ACD supports header video call information to locate your video calls with permission.

  • Business Phone with Call Distribution

    Phone with call distribution

    It's not a just a phone, it's a call distributor as well. Get the best word of both in a single interface that enable to connect any video agent communication and provide the fasted video call forwarding and management.

  • Real-Time Advanced Supervision

    Real-time supervision

    Teams becomes better and better with advanced call supervision, like in phone services. Web ACD comes with real-time queue management that enable to assit and empower your video agents.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & analytics

    No system can run without data reporting and analytics. Web ACD keep simple all this for all your supervisores and administrators, enabling to export any kind of reports for any business Inteligence process.

Special extensions

Add more value inside Web ACD empowering your business processes with our complementary solutions inside.

  • Remote Viewer

    Collaboration tool for conventional telephone calls allowing to significantly improve your customers' experience.

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  • CoBrowsing

    Communicate instantly with the website visitors by co-browsing during a chat, phone call or video call.

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  • Web Caller

    Web Browser powered Virtual Phone for any website, to be connected to your own telephony systems.

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  • Field Service

    Fastest and easiest video calling tool for professionals that require to collaborate in a team and get connected with users.

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Applications & addons

  • Scheduler

    Manage and schedule video call appointments for your agents. Generate time limited secure links to send your users and agents.

  • Recorder

    Record all your voice & phone calls easily. Recorder includes many features to filter, play, download mp3 files of your calls in a secure web panel.

  • Messenger

    Private Chat for your agents, enabling internal conversations that empowers your supervisors and agents productions video calls with XMMP.

  • Typifier

    Record data fields or any external web services during or after any voice & video calls. This feature is specifically designed for agents workflows.

  • Home Screen

    Put your brand or service key information in home screen easily to enable your agents to start their services with more customized working environment.

  • Back +

    Make your Video Calling services more professional, performant adding immersive Background Effects like Blur or Picture (with corporative logos or offices).

Streamline your business communications