Video Contact Center

High-quality transactional video calling

Add video calls to your contact center to extend agents online capabilities and improve all key performance indicators.

  • Gobierno de Chile
  • OTIS Elevators
  • Banmédica
  • AFP Capital
  • CDF

Video channels trunking

One of the top priority is enabling a standard trunking for your video channels that can work across all your business processes and systems. You have to think about following mandatory requirements.

  • Hybrid connectivity SIP/WebRTC
  • Voice, Video and Data synchronized
  • Carrier-grade technology

Inbound video calling

Inbound video calling is required in most customer care situations to provide real-time support services. Consider introducing video call distribution without upgrading your contact center.

  • Video call distribución (with ACD)
  • Video call recording
  • Interoperable with telephony

Outbound video calling

Outbound video calling is required in many situations like scaling up from a chatbot, text-messaging conversation or any other web application to a face-to-face conversation. Let's your business change the way you attend clients and users.

  • Convergent voice & video call
  • Transactional video call
  • Video call transfer

Scheduled video calling

Most video conferencing systems consider this mode the only one. It's just one more specific video calling capability to consider when customers’ interactions are scheduled to a specific date and time.

  • Scheduled appointment management
  • Time controled securized links
  • Tokenized link connection

Choose your configuration...

Witch plan is right for your business? We have good news, we offer the RTC platform you were thinging about.

Video RTC Platform

Video gateways for advanced real-time communications on existing contact centers. Multi-channel coverage with web browsers, mobile devices and kiosks.

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System integrations

  • Call center integration

    Extend any Call Center suite or software in the market. Trust on a convergent approach for your existing call center and video calling services as well.

  • Frontend integration

    Customize your Frontend with the latest real-time video communications to create new amazing web interactions on any web or mobile device.

  • Backend integration

    Connect your Backend systems as well with real-time communications in order to improve your business processes and customers.

  • Web responsive

    Trust on Web Responsive design for all your web interfaces to improve your Frontend and operational costs: No Apps, No Plugins, No Downloads...

  • Video recording

    Consider video recording as a key process for your real-time communications. Video requires specific storage and conversion as well.

  • Mobile SDK / API

    Build and integrate your system with SDK / API Frameworks based on open standard Javascript. Do it faster without reinventing anything.

Streamline your business communications