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Digital connectivity to power your website

Create amazing real-time voice or video call interactions that improve your business connectivity in a Digital World.

  • Connect your website

    Add buttons, links, widgets that connect your website visitor with your voice & video real-time communications services.

  • Extend your channels and services

    Create new oportunities of traffic for your phone services, increasing capacities with a better voice or video digital quality.

  • No Downloads, no plugins, no apps

    Ready to run without issues from anywhere with any mobile devices, any modern browser and any computer as well.


Make voice calls from any website connecting with any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer as well. Extend your telephony systems without PSTN numbering with a better audio quality.

  • Web responsive, WebRTC powered
  • No phone numbers, no callback
  • High-audio quality


Make video calls from any website connecting with any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer as well. Provide face-to-face communications for your business and extend your customer experience.

  • Web responsive, WebRTC powered
  • Securized connectivity
  • Widget integration


Make voice & video calls from a dynamic QR code, connect easily your business processes without difficulties. Provide a better communication from anywhere to your customers or products.

  • Dynamic QR generation
  • Securized connectivity
  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps


Make Voice & Video Calls from any Chat conversation. extending your text messaging system with real-time communications. Provide a better and faster resolution to your online communications.

  • Open connectivity
  • Passthrough data parameters
  • Widget integration

Customization & Options

  • Logo & Ads

    Customize your service with your own logos, URL, domain and much more. Convert your product in your own communication process.

  • Video on / off

    Set video face-to-face or use only web collaboration features. Select the configuration that better match with your own business process.

  • Audio on / off

    Set audio or not according to your usage. If your use phone calls mute audio by default to speak on the phone without any interruption.

  • Shorten URL & PIN access

    Send shorten links or a PIN to your users to provide the fastest cnd easiest connection. Remember, at phone a PIN is better, on digital devices copy/paste is better.

  • SIP / RTC trunking

    Connect your own operator and SIP / RTC trunks to enable voice & video call traffic. Keep open interoperatibilty from the beginning.

  • Web responsive

    Trust on web responsive design for all your web interfaces to improve your Frontend and operational costs: No downloads, no plugins, no apps...

Streamline your business communications