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Industry-specific solutions
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  • Konexo
  • Ctoc
  • Abante BPO
  • Salesland

Amazing human interactions in the center of your core services and processes.

Enabling video engagement and web collaboration in massive services is a key differentiator for any Contact Center operations today.

  • Call Center

    Make it easy for your agents to deliver the superior experience your customers want.

  • BPO & Services - Field Services

    Field Service

    Make your remote teams works more efficiently and closer thanks to technology.

  • Professional Services

    Achieve success with our business results approach to sales, implementation, and service.

  • 60%

    of consumers will always or often pay more for a better customer experience (CX)

  • 86%

    of consumers quit doing business with a brand because of a poor customer experience‚Ä® (CX)

  • +50%

    Video calling increase at least the number of successful interactions

  • BPO & Services - Business process innovation is first

    Business process innovation is first

    Services companies have no choice, the more they innovate in business the more their services can be better valued by their clients. No service is better without a better communication experience.

  • BPO & Services - Multichannel digital frontend integration

    Multichannel digital frontend integration

    When you provide services, you have no time, no other opportunities to be on time at the right moment. A complete Digital Frontend integration with your Backend is a key business factor, and phone is not the only channel...

  • BPO & Services - Unlock your teamworks

    Unlock your teamworks

    Teamwork behind your services have to work better connected and with more collaboration capacity than before. Think different, add better remote work connections that empowered your processes.

  • BPO & Services - Field Service workforce empowered

    Field Service workforce empowered

    Teams that are not always connected in the field are less efficient. Add specific video real-time connection to solve specific technical question reducing costs and trips for any kind of services you can imagine.

  • BPO & Services - Quality Assurance under control

    Quality Assurance under control

    Understand better your services require a good quality assurance overall. A second line of support must take control and manage your processes with all video recording, metadata and real-time supervision.

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