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Refining Interactive Voice Response software

Carrier-grade IVR platform that gives operators and solution providers the ability to develop their own automated phone applications.

  • Powerful conversational IVR for any business

    Run any touch tone, prompts, speech recognition scripting and switch to conversational mode in natural language.

  • Get a platform, not just APIs to code

    Cloud APIs are for coders, our platforms are more indicated to keep independent your applications and processes.

  • Connect your own operator trunks

    Keep your numbers with an open connectivity, our platforms are SIP standard enabling to connect any carriers or VoIP systems.

  • 2.x

    Latest release available

  • 256-bit

    AES security SSL certified

  • AWS

    CPaaS hosted & managed

  • VXML 2.x

    W3C standard powered

  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)


    The voice of your services can be pre-recorded or running natural synthetic voices without any complications. Streamline, speed up and simplify the development of all your voice response services in any language.

  • Speech-to-Text (STT)


    Run the most advanced speech to text engines on the market. We seamlessly integrate Google, Amazon or Microsoft cloud services API. Upgrade your business to the latest in speech technologies.

  • Speech Recognition (ASR)

    Speech Recognition

    Run the leading automatic speech recognition engines. We seamlessly integrate Nuance, Verbio, or Microsoft. Connect them thru MRCP standard to improve the quality of your telephone attention.

  • Natural Language (NLU)

    Natural Language

    Process natural language phrases using the advanced technology of Machine Learning with AI and change the call experience of your clients with your telephone services like you never imagined before.

  • Open Standard (VXML)

    Open Standards

    Use open protocols and technologies such as SIP, VoiceXML, WebRTC, RTMP, HTML5, Javascript to reduce costs and improve the interoperability of all your communications systems and future upgrades.

  • Touch Tones DTMF

    Touch Tones

    Create interactive DTMF services with dynamic routing depending on call context or user parameters. Improve the performance of your legacy PBX or Call Center with new IVR automation capabilities.

Speech API services

Smart IVR simplifies integration process by providing connectors for leading external Speech APIs.

  • Google


    Text-to-Speech Voices , Speech-to-Text and gRPC set of API from Google Apps.

  • Amazon


    Text-to-Speech Voices , Speech-to-Text set of APIs from Amazon Alexa and Amazon Polly.

  • Azure


    Text-to-Speech Natural Voices , Speech-to-Text set of API from Microsoft Azure.

  • Deepgram


    Fast Speech-to-Text set of API from Deepgram for STT speech recognition.

  • Voci

    Speech-to-Text set of API from Voci Technologies for STT speech recognition.

Speech engines

Smart IVR also seamlessly incorporates MRCP industry-standard speech recognition and text-to-speech engines into your current services.

  • Nuance


    Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition engines and MRCP servers from Nuance.

  • Verbio


    Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition engines and MRCP servers from Verbio.

  • Azure

    Azure SR

    Automatic Speech Recognition engines and MRCP technologies from Microsoft.

Conversational IVR framework

Smart IVR offers the greatest flexibility to connect a AI dialog engine to your business telephony services.

  • Dialogflow Console

    DialogFlow Gateway

    We help companies to connect the Google Dialogflow NLU engine to telephony and system integrators to build pre-trained voicebot, providing a customizable framework for your IVR project.

  • Open Conversational Gateway

    Open Conversational Gateway

    We offers the greatest flexibility on the market. We integrate any dialog engines into our telephony so you can easily create rich, natural language conversations using AI into telephony call flows.

Special Considerations

  • Text-to-Speech

    TTS hypercaching

    Speed-up and optimize all speech API requests thanks to TTS hypercache system, improving your services and operation costs.

  • Speech-to-Text

    Speech connectors

    Improve Speech Recognition interfaces with MRCP, gRCP or HTTP connectors to provide a flexible and powerful voice automation.

  • Database integration

    Database integration

    Connect any kind of external database or web services with open standards and coding languages. Provide an amazing phone integration.

  • Call recording

    Call recording

    Get your interactive calls recorded according to your own application requirements and context without external tools. Formats supported are WAV/MP3.

  • SIP trunk

    SIP / RTC trunking

    Connect your own SIP Trunk, IP Carrier or RTC Trunks to provide advanced voice communications for your phone services.

  • AWS Cloud

    Cloud ready

    Run and scale on virtualized environments in Cloud. Our software is specifically designed to work as a Platform as a Service instances.

Award winning & top-rated

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