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Create a great patient experience with empowered healthcare communications.

Telehealth and unified experience has transformed dramatically and providing excellent virtual care will continue to be vital and ready for resilience.

  • Telehealth

    Deliver a personalized and radically convenient patient journey across digital channels.

  • Health Administration

    Health Administration

    Administration Contact Center improved with voice, video calls and web collaboration.

  • Video Consultation

    Video Consultation

    Face-to-Face patient and doctor interactions that empowers medical experience.

  • 90%

    Healthcare providers requires to improve their contact center customer experience (CX)

  • 30%

    Provide better patient experience without increasing number of human resources‚Ä®

  • 50%

    Increase the number of successful patient journey interations

  • Healthcare - Voice & video calls at Front Office

    Voice & video calls at Front Office

    Video Calls are not just a nice to have for any doctor. Both voice and video communications are part of a good healthcare experience. You can trust much better when you listen and see your doctor.

  • Healthcare - Secure remote consultation

    Secure remote consultation

    Remote Consultation is not just a conference meeting or a phone call. Most clinics and doctors must think about the process of making or receiving video calls with their patients easily and productively.

  • Healthcare - Patient experience reinvented

    Patient experience reinvented

    Today healthcare has to be reinvented integrating the right communication tools that helps both patients and medical professional to provide a better experience in real-time.

  • Healthcare - Privacy compliance

    Privacy compliance

    Any solution that connect patients with medical teams require special IT security conditions and privacy compliance. All communications must be private and peer-to-peer encrypted.

  • Healthcare video communications

    Video calls are not just for scheduled meetings, the best experience is to connect with your patient at the right moment, from any devices like smartphones or tablet because it's faster and convenient as well.

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