cloud services


Cloud services

Communication Platform as a Service

Manage your business through proven communications platforms without the need for development, hardware or IT administration.

  • Powerfull dedicated RTC, IVR, ACD platforms

    Get a whole platfom to perform your business processes in a secure and dedicted node, region, units...

  • No developments with API required

    Zero code deployment, get tested and proven platforms with all performance and features required.

  • Everything as a Service

    No hardware, No administration, No worries. You can now focus better on your business processes.

Seven Cloud Services Principles

  • Enhanced Datacenter Management

    All Real-Time Communications driven by our platforms are 100% encrypted with standard protocols. This includes both WebRTC peer-to-peer conections and hybrid SIP transcoding processing.

  • Reinforced Application Security

    We implement specific security measures to protect communications, platforms, applications and data, and work to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

  • Improved Product Security

    We use a variety of security controls in all our software product developments, such as encryption and authentication, to protect the data and communications of our clients.

  • Carrier-grade Network Security

    We use industry-standard security protocols and technologies, such as Firewalls, SSH, SSL, TLS, VPN... to protect the networks that connect our systems to the Internet.

  • Availability and Resilience

    Our infrastructure management is designed work in several AWS regions in order to be highly available and resilient to minimize the impact of outages or other disruptions.

  • Backup System Management

    All our Cloud Platforms and online services employ automated AWS backup systems and procedures to safeguard data against loss and ensure rapid recovery in case of any disaster.

  • Data belongs to our Clients

    We recognize that the data stored in our Cloud Services and systems belongs to the clients, and they are committed to protecting that data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Interactive Powers CPaaS

Streamline your Business Communications

Empower and extend your business system ACD, CRM, PBX, WEB connecting to Interactive Powers CPaaS backbone. Any business can improve its processes and communications selecting any kind of cloud configuration.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Video Real-Time Communications (RTC)
  • Video Call Recording (REC)
  • Video Deep Archiving (ARC)
  • Automatic Call Distribuitor (ACD)
  • Applications (Web Caller, CoBrowsing...)
  • Your External Systems (ACD, CRM, PBX, WEB...)

Select your own configuration Build fast & better with strong building blocks

Meanwhile, gain the flexibility and scalability to meet customer needs without complex upgrades and hidden costs.

  • CPaaS IVR

    Voice Automation & IA Interactive Channels powered by Smart IVR platform as a Service.

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  • CPaaS REC

    Cloud Video Recording for your Video Contact Center powered by REC Storage as a Service.

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  • CPaaS RTC

    Video Channels for your Contact Center powered by Video RTC platform as a Service.

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We run global Cloud Services in all regions

We are a close company in a global world. We provide our services & monitoring in all different countries.

Worldmap markets & regions

Trusted by leading companies

We help to communicate improve efficiency and optimize business processes for governements and any size companies.

  • Banmédica
  • Chile Atiende
  • Banco del Pacífico
  • Grupo Sura
  • CPN Cooperativa Policia Nacional
  • OTIS Elevators
  • Caja LosHeroes
  • Gobierno de Argentina MMGYD
  • Sence
  • MásMóvil
  • Generali
Streamline your business communications