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Video calling for remote workforce teams

Provide the fastest and simplest face-to-face video communications for your field services in mobility or web responsive conditions.

  • Web & mobile ready

    Field Service teams are on the move, they have to connect from mobile first and without complex procedures.

  • Collaborative team assistance

    Field Service teams works in teamview mode, they can take over connections each others or create private invites as well.

  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps

    Ready to run without issues, from any tablet devices, any modern browser and any computer as well.

Collaborate from anywhere

Field Service is specifically designed to manage private queues for each professional and team view shared with your group. This particular feature provide the most efficient remote video communications method.

  • Scheduling / shared queuing
  • Team View
  • Customized waiting room

Always stay in touch

Field Service enables video calling, phone calling and message sending with SMS or Email notifications. Rescue Call is a very interesting feature to make a PSTN call if your user is not properly connected.

  • Video Call / Live Chat
  • Easy reconnect mode
  • Rescue phone call

Video-centric experience

Field Service is all about speed and simplicity but also about video first experience without difficulties. Video is the main channel, and it's a game changer for your remote communication process in field.

  • Ads & presence control
  • Share SMS / Email / Notes / Files
  • Live Chat in "bubble mode"

Specific features

Field Service includes many management functions for administrators and supervisors profiles like stats, accounts,... and ACD integration. One more thing is the online prepayment of your business video meetings as well.

  • With or without video call recording
  • Credit card payment integration
  • Call center Integration

Customization & addons

  • Logo & Ads

    Customize your service with your own logos, URL, domain and much more. Convert your product in your own communication process.

  • URL customization

    Set your Internet domain into your service to ensure a complete integration and higher levels of confidence for all your internal or external users.

  • Email / SMS settings

    Configure your own emails messages, accounts and SMS gateway. Prepare your service settings to follow your own business processes.

  • Stats & analytics

    Get statistics and a quick report about your teams activity. Download monthly reports of all SMS, Emails, Phone Calls sent.

  • Paypal integration

    Make prepayments from your users before video calls according to each notification. Get your payments in your own Paypal Business Account.

  • Remote Viewer integration

    Include Remote Viewer as add-on inside your Field Service account to empower communications with its specific smart features and advantages.

Streamline your business communications