Video Call Recording

Large-scale video call recording & storage

Ensure quality, security and control in your video contact center services getting all your conversations recorded, stored and audited.

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Unlimited capacity

Storage is critical element of any video recording system, you cannot think to small or reserve too much capacity. You have to design elastic capacity with multiple levels that ready to grow with your business.

  • Multiple streams and data files
  • Cloud Archiving enabled
  • Video Calls for huge volumes of storage

High-quality video

Video recordings could require more specific definition and formats according to your business or usage. Let's store every kind of recording quality and get the RAW streams files as well for your quality assurance.

  • RAW Format for deep analysis
  • SD Standard Definition
  • HD High Definition

Cloud archiving

Deep Archiving a very important requirement for any size video call center that goes in production for years. Think about it, from the beginning and get advanced elastic cloud storage for short, medium and long-term.

  • Two storage levels, short and long term
  • Automatic post-processing
  • Secure storage management

Video recordings audition

Auditing your video contact center service enables to provide the best results for your business and your customers. Train your team, review your processes thanks to a clear audition tools of your video recordings.

  • Metadata searching
  • MP4 preview & download
  • Audition status flags

Choose your configuration...

Witch plan is right for your business? We have good news, we offer the video call recording platform you were looking for.

Video REC Platform

Reliable and scalable video call recording platform that ensures contact centers the highest quality assurance and cloud security levels for your recordings.

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System integrations

  • Call Center integration

    Connect your Call Center with a strong video recording solution that enable to ensure quality and keep your services under control.

  • Recording exportation

    Export your recording whatever the volume and size without difficulties. Think about post-processing automation as well.

  • Metadata integration

    Join both recordings and metadata into your storage conditions. Enable to search and process all information all together.

  • Dedicated storage

    Select your own storage units and security access keys to control your data. Make sure your are located in right regions according to your local country conditions.

  • Cloud ready

    Consider unlimited storage elasticity and capacity in cloud. Ensure your business and processes will growth without any IT limitations.

  • Deep storage

    Enable Deep Archiving as a second level of storage to free space and get all your stored data for long term. Keep all your recording safe and available.

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