Collaborative Browsing scroll, click and type together

Assist your customers to surf in your website and help them to click, fillout forms, search or find information quickly.

  • Provide a magical online assistance

    CoBrowsing is like something magic, your customer will appreciate this smart feature on chat, voice or video calls.

  • Get a better user experience

    Customers are often unable to find all information following spoken instructions, connect and share their browsing session.

  • No downloads, no plugins, no apps

    Ready to run without issues, from anywhere, any tablet devices, any modern browser and any computer as well.

Browser-to-browser connection

CoBrowsing enable to connect your website visitors with an agent in collaborate browsing, filling together forms, searching information, clicking on links, menus or buttons together.

  • Multiple peer-connection
  • Folow me scrolling
  • Field filling

Website integration

CoBrowsing works for your own website connecting a special script widget that enables to sync your agent's session or user as well. Integration do not affect your security frontend and backend conditions.

  • Button & widget
  • Dual user & agent integration
  • Security key integration for your website

Easy connection sharing

CoBrowsing enables several modes to send your link a user, using a customized URL or PIN access as well. Remember, you can create specific CSS Classes to mask fields according your are an agent or user.

  • Share shorten URL / PIN access
  • Field masking by HTML/CSS
  • Send URL session & follow me

Secure communications

CoBrowsing is ready to run multiple sessions for more than one user connected to an agent. All communications between all peers are SSL encrypted to ensure security and data privacy.

  • Multiple sessions
  • 256bit AES peer-to-peer encryption
  • URL customization

Customization & addons

  • Video calling

    Use Video Calling to enable face-to-face communications during all the CoBrowsing session and. extend web collaborative experience.

  • Voice calling

    Use Voice Calling during your CoBrowsing session. Enable a complete interactive audio and web collaborative experience.

  • Phone calling

    Use a Phone Call to connect user and agent during your CoBrowsing session. Extend it with any kind of phone system without integration requirements.

  • Shorten URL & PIN access

    Share your CoBrowsing session with a shorten URL or a PIN Access according to your selection. Both option are interoperable and can work on a custom domain.

  • Widget

    CoBrowsing runs a specific widget to handle shared sessions on your website. This element is responsive and designed for easy setup.

Streamline your business communications