Introducing Background Blur in Video RTC. Spanish Version   Allows you to blur the background during a Video Call session. Improve your sales or business video calls blurring your background makes your surroundings appear out of focus so people can’t see the details of what’s going on behind you. Limit distractions and maintain privacy in […]

Sharing Chat, Files, Screens during any call in progress. Spanish Version   Description Remote Viewer extends Web Collaboration features to any Call Center during a phone call or not, in order to create a new way to provide customer support or any advanced care process. Remote Viewer works with any compliant web browser to dramatically […]

Connect your current IP Contact Center to the Future of Cloud Communications. Spanish Version   Description Add WebRTC advanced interactions to your customer services, website or mobile applications to the most advanced video real-time communications without leaving your current Contact Center platform or solution; it hasn’t been ever so easy to do it so before […]

Boost your online business, chatting efficiently with your customers or users. Spanish Version   Description Add unified communications quickly and efficiently with your website or mobile applications; it will never be so easy to do so before and without operating with complex technologies and costly infrastructures. We offer you an agile integration of functionalities with […]

Build easily interactive applications with voice or video calls on any device. Spanish Version   Description We are pleased to announce our Mobile SDK for Video RTC platforms. Now developers can use our SDK to create quickly real-time communications with their Web, Apple iOS or Android OS applications in a question of minutes, taking into […]

A bridge between the world of Telephony and Artificial Intelligence with DialogFlow. Spanish Version   Description We are especially excited to introduce this new IVR feature to connect a conversational Dialogflow service with Natural Language (NLU), voice recognition and recognition from different providers such as Google, AWS or MS Azure. Above all, the most interesting […]

Extend your Contact Center with Face-to-Face Video Communications. Spanish Version   Description We have great news for you. With only a web browser and Internet access all your agents will be able to work better with high flexibility and scalability for your business. You will never imagine an Omni-Channel Platform with Voice and Video that […]

Streamline your business communications with advanced Telephone Services in Natural Language. Spanish Version   Description Automatically manage incoming calls efficiently. Use the better voice synthesis technology (TTS) that your customers want to hear or pre-recorded audio files with a combination of DTMF tone pulsation options. You can also use advanced speech recognition (ASR) to operate […]